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Business Income Insurance In Toledo

What would happen if your place of business was damaged or destroyed and you were no longer able to operate your business? Your property insurance policy would cover the repairs to fix the damage or replace the building but it wouldn’t cover your loss of income in the meantime. Business Income insurance protects you so that you still receive income while you’re rebuilding your business location. Westgate Insurance Agency Inc. offers business income insurance and one of our staff members is happy to discuss your options with you.

What Does Business Income Insurance Cover?

There are a few different options with business income insurance and we can tailor a policy to suite your specific needs. Typically, a business income insurance policy would cover profits that you normally would’ve received if the loss never occurred. Your expenses can also be covered so that you’re still able to meet your payment obligations to your vendors.

Is Business Income Insurance A Stand Alone Policy?

No, a business income insurance policy is an option that’s included in your primary business policy. Once your primary business policy’s limits are reached, the business income policy would kick in. The business income policy would also cover specified losses that are not part of your primary policy.

As an additional feature to business income insurance, we also offer business expense insurance. This special type of business insurance would cover the costs of getting your business back up and running as soon as possible. For example, if you lost your equipment or other items that were necessary to do business, extra expense insurance would give you protection in this area.

To find out more regarding business income insurance, give our office a call or stop by our convenient location in Toledo, Ohio. We look forward to speaking with you.