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Disability Insurance in Toledo

While no one ever plans to have an accident or come down with an illness that prevents them from working, unexpected events do happen. If you were ill or injured and unable to work, you’d still have daily, weekly and monthly expenses that need to be paid even though your income is reduced or eliminated. On top of those living expenses, you may also be faced with growing medical bills that stem from the illness or accident that is preventing you from working. Westgate Insurance Agency Inc. can provide you with disability insurance, which will help protect you and your family in the event that you’re disabled and you can’t work.

What If I Already Have Disability Insurance Through My Employer?

If you already have disability insurance through your employer, additional coverage may still be needed. Your employer may provide you with optional disability insurance coverage for yourself and your spouse but policies vary. If you elect to take coverage through your employer, you’ll need to look at the policy carefully to determine what is covered and for how long you’re covered. Many policies will only cover you or your spouse for a certain number of weeks or months. When the covered time period is up, you or your spouse may not be able to return to work yet and you’ll be left without coverage. At Westgate Insurance Agency Inc., we’ll help decide if any additional coverage is needed and provide you with options to fill in the gaps.

What Will Disability Insurance Cover?

What your disability insurance policy will cover depends on the policy and the coverage options that you elect. While each policy may be different, here are a few common areas of coverage that you can choose from:

• Financial coverage so that you and your family can continue paying your routine living expenses (house payments, car payments, utilities and grocery bills.)
• Extra expenses such as credit card payments or installment loans so that you can maintain your good credit record while you’re injured or ill.

How Long Will Disability Insurance Last?

There are short and long term options with disability insurance. How long your disability insurance will last will depend on the policy that you choose, the options that are available with that policy and whether or not you have other disability insurance. Our professional staff will go over these options with you to help find a length of coverage that’ll meet your needs.

Westgate Insurance Agency Inc. is conveniently located in Toledo, Ohio. For more information about disability insurance or any of the other insurance products that we offer, contact our office today.