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Identity Theft Insurance in Toledo

Identity theft and fraud has been growing at an extremely high rate and it’s important to protect yourself in the event that your identity is ever stolen or used for purposes that you didn’t authorize. Westgate Insurance Agency Inc. can provide you with protection that’ll help you recover if you’re ever a victim of identity theft or identity fraud. This coverage can oftentimes be endorsed on to your homeowner’s insurance policy at a very affordable cost.

What Is Identity Theft?

Identity theft occurs when another person takes your social security number and other identifying information and uses it as their own. Identity theft most always happens so that the thief can gain monetarily. After the theft has occurred, the person may use your information to open up accounts or to try and gain access to accounts you already own.

If My Identity Is Stolen, What Problems Will I Face?

Stealing another person’s identity is a crime; therefore you wouldn’t be responsible for debts that were accumulated by the person who stole your identity in most instances. Even so, the theft commonly causes issues with your credit report and there’s also a lot of time that’ll need to be invested in regaining your identity.

If your identity is stolen, you’ll be faced with having to repair your credit, taking time out for attorney meetings and you may even have to miss work to get everything back in order. The monetary loss of identity theft doesn’t end as soon as the criminal is caught and the accounts are closed. Identity theft insurance can help provide comfort in knowing that in case your identity is ever stolen, you have financial resources and professional resources on your side to help make it through a difficult time.

For more information about identity theft insurance and what options are available to you, contact Westgate Insurance Agency Inc. in Toledo, Ohio.