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Recreational Vehicle Insurance in Toledo

Recreational vehicles have special insurance needs when compared to regular auto insurance. Recreational vehicles include motorhomes and travel trailers that have a living space or other amenities that are often found in a home. Westgate Insurance Agency Inc. can give you the comfort and peace of mind of knowing that your recreational vehicle is protected.

Special consideration has to be given to insuring recreational vehicles because there’s often personal or business property involved. For example, if you own an RV and a loss occurs, you don’t just need protection for the RV, you also need protection for the contents inside. Contents may include clothing, jewelry, electronics, appliances and other furnishings.

Recreational vehicle insurance doesn’t just protect you if you have an accident; it can also protect you against theft of personal property. Your standard auto insurance policy or your homeowner’s insurance policy will not often protect you against recreational vehicle loss or theft. If coverage is provided in another policy, it usually comes with limits and restrictions that can leave you inadequately covered. Separate recreational vehicle coverage is the best course of action if you want to make sure that you’re completely covered.

Don’t start your family vacation worried that you may not be covered in the event of a loss against your recreational vehicle. The helpful and friendly staff at Westgate Insurance Agency Inc. can assist you in choosing the best policy so that you can travel with security.