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Renters Insurance in Toledo

Safeguarding your apartment or rental home with renter’s insurance is a necessity even if your rental agreement doesn’t require that you have a policy in place. Westgate Insurance Agency Inc., located in Toledo, Ohio will work with you to find a tenant’s insurance policy that’s affordable and customized to meet your needs.

Unfortunately, insurance isn’t a topic matter that people concern themselves with unless they’re required to have it for one reason or another. For example, automobile insurance is required by law, therefore it’s an insurance product that driver’s purchase to protect themselves and to obey the law. While a tenant’s policy isn’t typically required to have by law, it’s still essential that you protect yourself and your personal property.

What Is Covered Under A Tenant’s Policy?

A tenant’s policy helps protect your personal property and it also gives you liability protection in the event that someone is injured in your rental home or on your rental property. Personal property protection is necessary because if something happens to the home or apartment that you’re renting and your personal property is damaged, you’re going to need a way to replace your possessions. Furniture, appliances, electronics and clothing items are expensive to replace. With a tenant’s policy, you get the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll be able to replace your property.

Just because you don’t own the home or apartment that you’re living in, doesn’t mean that you can’t be responsible for injuries that occur in or on the property. For example, if you own a pet, you’re responsible for your pet’s actions even if something goes wrong in your own home. Even if you don’t own a pet, people can trip, fall or have numerous other accidents that you never intended to happen. Even if the chance of someone being injured is small, it’s still best to be fully protected.

What If I Don’t Have Expensive Personal Property?

If you’re just starting out on your own or you simply don’t have a lot of property to insure, a tenant’s policy is still needed to cover other types of losses. For example, if something happens to the apartment or home that you’re living in, you’d be required to find another place to live. Without a good tenant’s policy in place, you’d be responsible for paying for the expenses associated with having to move into a new place. With a tenant’s policy, your housing costs associated with having to find another place to live could be covered.

What If I Own A Business?

Due to technology, running a business or working from home is a reality. Many people choose to operate a business from home and Westgate Insurance Agency Inc. can customize a tenant’s policy for you that’ll protect your personal and business property.

Isn’t The Property Owner Required To Have Insurance?

Yes, if you’re a renter, the property owner is required to have insurance. However, the insurance policy that the property owner has more than likely only covers the structure; not any of the contents inside of the structure. Simply put, if anything happened to the property, the owner’s policy would cover the costs associated with rebuilding or replacing the structure. The owner’s insurance does not and would not cover any losses you experienced in regards to your possessions or having to relocate.

A tenant’s policy is pretty straight forward but every person’s situation is different. The staff at Westgate Insurance Agency Inc. will share your options with you and then personalize a plan around your specific needs.