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Workers Compensation Insurance in Toledo

Worker’s compensation insurance is a must have for your business as it’s mandated by law. While on the surface, it may seem like an expense that’s hard to justify, workplace accidents happen on a daily basis all across the country even in fields where the workplace isn’t hazardous to work in. In the event that one of your employees is hurt on the job, worker’s compensation insurance will help offset their medical expenses and may even be able to cover some of their lost wages. Westgate Insurance Agency Inc. can customize a worker’s compensation insurance plan to suite your needs and to make sure that your business is protected.

How Does Worker’s Compensation Insurance Help Protect My Business?

If an employee is hurt on the job or becomes ill due to their line of work, worker’s compensation will help the employee pay for their medical bills and depending on the policy, other types of loss may be covered as well (such as lost wages). This type of insurance protects your company from liability claims by the employee. Since the employee’s medical bills will be covered by worker’s compensation insurance, no lawsuit would be needed to cover the medical costs since they’d already be taken care of.

Does Every Business Need Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

Yes, every business needs to have worker’s compensation insurance. There are very few exceptions that’ll allow for you not to carry worker’s compensation insurance and those few exceptions vary from state to state. In Ohio for example, you need to provide it as long as you have at least one or more employees even if the employee or employees only work part time or they’re just seasonal workers. If you’re a self- employed contractor in Ohio, you still need to carry your own worker’s compensation insurance.

Worker’s compensation insurance is not an insurance area that you can get around nor would you want to avoid it. Your employees are an investment to your company and without them, your business wouldn’t be able to efficiently operate. By protecting them, you’re giving them and yourself the peace of mind of knowing they’ll be taken care of if they’re hurt at work.

For more information about worker’s compensation insurance, contact Westgate Insurance Agency Inc. for a full list of your options.